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Hello, friends.  If you, or anyone you know, are planning to purchase your first property, AND it has an HOA, there is a new “gift” we can claim which went into effect on December 1, 2016.  Please call me and see the attached flyer for more info.

You can claim up to $2500 in a grant to have up to 6 months of your HOA dues paid for you when you move in.  This is a great way to get a little buffer started when you begin paying HOA dues.  Then you’ll always have a cushion there when you need it.

I’d really like to help someone find a home and take advantage of this generous opportunity.
Happy House Hunting (with me!)
Best regards,
Leslie 🙂


SPRING into Action!

First day of Spring is this week!  It seems the market shifted recently into a more enthusiastic, optimistic mode.  Perhaps the anticipation of Spring had an influence.

It’s a great time to take advantage of our still-near-historically-low interest rates if you want to BUY a home.  AND, if you are thinking of selling, there are many buyers facing the challenge of finding a home right now (because of the lack of properties on the market).  I can help you match that perfect buyer with your special property. 

It’s a GREAT TIME to buy OR sell your home.  So please call me.

I’m here to help you.
Leslie Cross, CA BRE 01277174


Are HUD Homes the next fixer opportunity?

Do you want an edge on getting a distressed property?  How about considering a HUD home?  If you have tried time and again to buy a fixer or distressed property, and you’re looking for another angle, this might be it.  Only agents who are HUD Certified can submit offers on HUD homes.  So finding a HUD Certified agent can gain you access to homes other agents cannot submit offers on…  There is a certification and specific offer process that HUD requires agents to comply with.  Take us up on this offer!  It might be the difference that gets you the next deal!  If this sounds like an exciting opportunity, give me a call!  I can help.

Leslie Cross, Realtor Associate DRE #01277174


Did you choose the right Realtor?

What type of rapport should clients expect to have with their Realtor?  I think the more helpful question is, “Have you found a Realtor who understands your needs?”  There are so many different types of transactions in real estate for which a Realtor can provide much needed guidance, assistance and representation.  However, I find I MUST learn about each of my clients individually in order to understand and be able to achieve their goals, on their terms, and within their comfort zone.  Within the first meeting, I think it can be determined whether or not you will work well together as a team.  Listen to your gut, and as with anything else in life, choose accordingly.  Have fun!

May 2013