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Leslie Cross

Neighborhood to Plate???

How often do we drive around our neighborhoods and see trees just hanging with fruit?  Do these trees ever get harvested by more than the squirrels or passersby on the sidewalk?  As a citrus (truth be told, grapefruit) fanatic, I often wonder…  So, a few years ago, I decided to find out.  In my own neighborhood, I had been viewing lovely grapefruit and pomegranate trees that never seemed to have their fruit removed.  By the end of the season, I’d see fruit all over the ground or left on the tree and picked at by the birds and other critters.  Living in Altadena, we have lots of critters!!!

On two separate occasions, I wrote a little note to two of my neighbors explaining how I’d been admiring their trees.  On both occasions, they each called me back and invited me to come pick the fruit!  So I did!!!  I ended up with a kitchen full of grapefruit, from which I made several jars of marmalade and distributed it to my neighbors, friends and family.  Later, I also had fun with my other neighbor (who I’d never met before) picking an entire bag of softball-sized pomegranates!  I thought I’d learned the most efficient way to get juice out of the pomegranate.  But after being gifted with this bag full, I then learned yet another way to get the arils (seeds) out with a wooden spoon!!  There’s nothing like eating pomegranate arils by the tablespoon full!!! Yum!

Fall is right around the corner.  Take note of all the beautiful trees and plants as you’re out exploring the neighborhoods.  Who knows what you’ll be inspired to do?

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